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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SteamStudy?

    SteamStudy is an online educational portal offering interactive high-quality courses to students based on start-of-the-art research work in learning sciences. With a variety of subjects and topics, you are welcome to take any interested courses as a student or create your own course as an instructor to generate revenues.

  • How to become an instructor at SteamStudy?

    It's simple! Just sign-up to become an instructor. Once you are approved, you can start creating your course content and our team will support you to move forward. The exclusive instructor training course at SteamStudy guides you how to use the course builder to prepare teaching materials like course content, quizzes, questions, presentations etc. We will also teach you how to schedule and grade a course in this training program.

  • As an instructor, how would I get the revenues for delivering my courses on SteamStudy?

    SteamStudy offers 70% of the total revenues generated from the course directly to the instructor. In addition, from time to time, we offer content subscription plan, promotions with which you can generate more revenues.

  • If at some point of time, I am not satisfied with the services and revenues earned via SteamStudy, how can I withdraw from it?

    The company has a simple policy for withdrawing oneself from being an instructor. You can simply contact us via and we will revoke your instructor access.

  • How should I price my course?

    It really depends. There are certain terms and conditions to this, but in general some instructors price the course around $10 - $30 per hour of course content, however, most other courses on SteamStudy are charged between $29 - $99.

  • How many courses are already leveraged by SteamStudy?

    At present, SteamStudy has leveraged a wide variety of courses including the courses on Computer science, engineering, mathematics, Photography, language training etc and has many more in coming up! For more details click here:

  • How long can a student access my course?

    SteamStudy courses are more of an on-demand channel where students will be able to get unlimited access to all courses once they purchase your course.

  • What does SteamStudy do to promote my course?

    We have thousands of registered students searching various courses on SteamStudy. Our search results show them exactly they want. Besides, we also promote courses using coupon codes, discount vouchers, emails and affiliate programs.

  • Are there any standards or requirements I should know about while creating my course?

    Yes, we do quality checks to ensure that the course you have developed meet our standards. Here are some quick tips: keep the course for at least 30 minutes with good use of video, audio and other tools; Structure the courses well with proper amount of exercises and quizzes etc.

  • What type of equipment (camera, microphone, software) do I need to create an online course?

    There are different ways you could develop your course. If you go by the tools, we do provide you enough IT infrastructure to build targeted courses. There are cost-effective tools that we provide you as instructors, so you can even use those tools like Screenflow, iMovie, Finalcut Pro and Adobe Premier which are good editing tools.

  • What kinds of courses should I create?

    You are welcome to teach a wide range of subjects from personality development, career-building to technology while keeping students' interests in mind. Be passionate and teaching comfortably, we would take care of the rest!

  • How would instructors get paid for their courses?

    An instructor of SteamStudy gets their money remitted via PayPal.

  • Is there any restriction on the number of instructors per course?

    No. There can be single or multiple instructors per course.

  • Can an instructor get technical assistance from SteamStudy for their course content preparation?

    If you are an instructor who does not have adequate time or skill to prepare excellent course contents but have the capacity to deliver brilliant lessons during the class, SteamStudy provides you with technical assistance to prepare the content.

  • How many courses can an instructor teach simultaneously?

    An instructor at SteamStudy can teach as many courses as he can to effectively prepare, instruct and grade students.