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About SteamStudy

SteamStudy is an online learning portal offering high-quality courses and  customized learning experiences to students across the world.


SteamStudy is an educational technology portal that offers a wide range of courses for students globally. It delivers courses and live seminars suitable to individual students’ ongoing needs and also engage students socially and collaborative in a great variety of learning activities that promote their long-term learning interests.


To reach thousands of students, provide customized learning experiences suitable to their individualization and continuously support their knowledge growth, based on state-of-art research work in educational technology and learning design.

Our values


Committed to excellent learning design and pedagogy

Personal Development and Growth

Thrive for individualized learning experiences and continuous growth of students.

Revenue Generation

Attract excellent instructors to deliver quality courses and generate revenue through this portal

Knowledgebase Base

Offer a great variety of courses and build up knowledge base that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Quality education

Provide quality education to students irrespective of the course enrolled


Our aim is to prepare our students in such a manner that they can deliver when they step into the industry.

Our target audience

Our target audience are those individuals, from housewives to professionals, who are eager to expand their knowledge and skillsets in specific subject areas through following a flexible learning manner and a customized learning path provided on SteamStudy, from anywhere and anytime.

Goals of SteamStudy venture

  • Offer quality courses in various streams for students at an affordable price
  • Prepare students with better employability through certified programs or courses
  • Provide customized learning paths for individual students with regards to their varied learning styles, capabilities and goals
  • Be the largest online educational portal providing excellent revenue sharing to the instructors